Amal Alamuddin to change her last name … so what?

Amal Alamuddin to change her last name … so what?

  To change, or not to change? That is the question… Is it ‘un-feminist’ to change your surname when you get married? Well, is it un-feminist to wear high heels? Correct answer: not if you are freely choosing it and you are doing it to please yourself! Amal Alamuddin (a.k.a the badass human rights lawyer [...]

Super Saturday: UN’s ‘Day of the Girl Child’ & Malala Yousafzai wins Nobel Peace Prize

This year's theme for UN's 'Day of the Girl Child' is an incredibly important issue: Empowering Adolescent Girls and Ending the Cycle of Violence. "It's a day when activists ramp up efforts to make the public aware of issues like child marriage, violence against girls and the lack of access to education. It's also a [...]

Sarah Silverman fights for Gender Equality by getting a sex change (sort of)

It doesn't come as a surprise to know that men, on average, are being paid more than women. The pay-gap is so bad in the U.S. that men reportedly earn up to $11,000 more a year for doing the same job as a woman in their chosen career field. This results in a man pocketing [...]