6 Halloween costumes you can make from the clothes in your closet

Halloween is less than a week away, but as it falls on a weeknight many young’uns will be dressing up and heading out this weekend.

However if, like me, you completely forgot it was October (seriously, where is this year going?!) and haven’t sorted out a costume yet, here are six ideas to for Halloween costumes using just the clothes in your closet.

regina struts new trend

1. Regina George, Mean Girls

If you have an old singlet top lying around, cut two slits around the chest area, wear a bright bra underneath and a mini skirt and walk with confidence.


2. Rosie the Riveter

Do like Beyonce and don a chambray shirt, red bandana and a sprinkling of arm definition.


3. Tom Cruise in Risky Business

If your boyfriend’s shirt is your favourite thing to wear, why not wear it outside the house. Slip on a pair of his briefs too unless you’re chill with flashing your undies. Oh, and don’t forget the white socks.


4. Wednesday Adams

All black everything. Pull on a black long sleeve dress (preferably with a white collar), chuck your hair in braids and don’t smile all night.

5. Sandy, Grease

Off the shoulder tops have made a major comeback this year, so assuming you have a black bardot top and black skinny jeans you can pull this off easily. Bonus: A leather jacket as it will be chilly out.


6. A background character from Grease or Hairspray

With midi skirts all the rage for the last few seasons, pull one on, create some big hair, add on a neck scarf and you’re good to go.


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