How a psychic gave me closure after my breakup

A couple of months ago, I went through my very first break up. I still miss him, I still love him, and things ended so suddenly – but I’m getting through it.

What had been bugging me for several weeks though was the feeling that I would never get closure. He broke up with me initially via text message (I know) and then formally through a phone call. I should mention we were long distance … and were together in person two days prior.

But I couldn’t help feel a sting that I wasn’t allowed the same opportunities for closure that so many others get. To hold him one last time, to give him that final kiss. It’s like I’m reading an amazing book but the protagonist dies suddenly for no reason whatsoever and then the book ends. What just happened?

So last week I went to a psychic. (I know, I know). But I have always loved astrology and the idea that there is something bigger than us out there and for as long as I can remember I’ve wanted to go to a psychic.

So I did a bit of a dig and found one with a pretty good reputation at a reasonable cost and went around last Wednesday afternoon.

The session was interesting – a lot of things she got spot on but a few of the things were quite hazy – but one thing she was very certain about was my ex was not the right person for me.

She described him in near-perfect detail (knew he was not from the UK and we were long distance) and told me that even if we did end up together, I would never be truly happy.

I know this is probably a load of BS, but this psychic finally gave me what I’d been searching for: closure. She even said that we were together in a past life and it didn’t work out then either, go figure, but that we would continue to find each other in each lifetime as we are an important stepping stone each person needs to realise their potential.

A stranger telling me that meeting him was fate was oddly comforting. It made me look back on what we had with fondness rather than regret. Here were two people that loved each other, but the timing was just so off.

He was an important part of my life, my first love, but I know there are bigger and better love(s) to come.



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