The very subtle change Kate Middleton has made to her beauty look (it’s not the hair)

kate middleton beauty

Sure, she is officially known as The Duchess of Cambridge but she will always be Kate Middleton to me.

In a way, the future Queen is what drew me into journalism in the first place.

As an adolescent, my grandmother would buy weekly magazines every Wednesday and I always ran home to hers after school to read them.

Kate often graced the cover as even the New Zealand media dubbed her ‘waity Katie’, but I was fascinated by her and Prince William’s love story – she’s the Diana of the Millennial generation.

So, as an avid Kate-enthusiast, I recently spotted the young royal has made quite a dramatic change to her classic beauty look.

Yes, she has chopped off her long locks into a chic lob (which looks incredible), but she had also stopped wearing eyeliner on her bottom lid.

Major, I know.

The Duchess Of Cambridge Attends Action On Addiction Dinner
Kate with her classic look back in 2014.

But for Kate it is. She has encased her eyes in black eyeliner for over a decade – she even became infamous for insisting to do her own makeup on her wedding day.

Case in point:

Royal Wedding - Carriage Procession To Buckingham Palace And Departures
The Duchess of Cambridge on her wedding day, 2011.

Yet, the mother-of-two has recently freshened up her look and forgone the bottom eyeliner look for the more classic top lid only.

While she looks wonderful whatever her makeup look is, the spots (super on-trend) paired with the hair and the 60’s-inspired liner are immaculate.



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