The thing no one tells you about the pill

It’s been around six months since I began to take birth control pills.

While there have been many benefits including no periods (along with no cramps) and no babies (hey-yooo), there is one pretty big detriment: I can cry like a damn tap.

It doesn’t even have to be something overly upsetting. I just need to feel a hint of sadness, or disappointment and bam, tears.

Recent studies have shown the pill has a negative impact on women who are otherwise “healthy”. The latest study conducted by the Karolinska Instuet in Stockholm is one of many that show how the pill affects mental health.

Of the 340 women between 18 and 35 studied, half took the pill and half a placebo. Those who took the contraceptive reported a lower quality of life compared to those who took a placebo.

This isn’t really surprising. I have always been a tad emotional, I feel all of the feelings, but since coming on the pill these feelings can escalate out of my control. Something that generally would only make me feel a little bit down can result in tears.

But, other than the crying-on-cue aspect, I luckily haven’t experienced the brought-on depression like so many other women have.

The pill is not for everyone, and while for me the benefits outweigh the crying every so often, if taking it seriously affects your mental health, there are plenty of other forms of birth control options.

Has the pill affected you in any way? Let me know in the comments. 



2 thoughts on “The thing no one tells you about the pill

  1. I started birth control or the first time a year ago and decided to use the patch. I have to agree that I feel more weepy, especially a week before and the week of my period. Excessively weepy. I knew that adding more hormones to my body would create changes, but I had no idea how how much so!


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