Sarah Silverman fights for Gender Equality by getting a sex change (sort of)

It doesn’t come as a surprise to know that men, on average, are being paid more than women.

The pay-gap is so bad in the U.S. that men reportedly earn up to $11,000 more a year for doing the same job as a woman in their chosen career field. This results in a man pocketing $500,00 more than a woman in that same job over the course of their lifetime. Ummm, that’s not ok.

Here in Australia, we saw Cosmopolitan Magazine raise awareness of this cause earlier in the year when they launched a Cosmo Commits campaign called ‘Closing the 5k pay gap‘. In Australia, male university graduates, on average, earn $5000 more a year than female university graduates for doing the same job.

Comedian, Sarah Silverman thinks she has found a solution. She’s getting a sex change.


In the satirical video, she is raising awareness of the gender pay-gap and has teamed up with the National Woman’s Law Centre to launch the Equal Payback Project. Through this campaign, she hopes to use crowd funding to raise the over 29 TRILLION dollars owed to American women so she can pay back each and every one of them.

Realistically, if she doesn’t reach that goal, the money will be donated to the National Women’s Law Center, who fight to get women the money they deserve. So a win-win either way.

Check out the video below and let us know what you think in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “Sarah Silverman fights for Gender Equality by getting a sex change (sort of)

  1. Comedians generally get away with making a lot of offensive or politically inaccurate statements in their sketches. However, this is quite a controversial approach that could potentially be upsetting to trans people, because it sends out a message saying that people undergo ‘sex change’ to escape oppression. This belief has been used to trivialise a trans person’s genuine disconnection with the sex they were born with, along with their desire to grow into the gender they identify with like puberty. I’ve found this McConnell video a useful resource when it comes to presenting trans people in a respectful way through the media:

    It would be great if you could keep track on this campaign to see if she will include trans people in the Equal Payback Project as promised. I genuinely hope that Sarah means it when she said she does not mean to offend or not acknowledge trans people in this article:

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    1. This is a brilliant clip, the Equal Payback Project is an excellent step towards the right direction for women and transgender people. Often issues such as the wage gap are simply dismissed by society as we just accept that it is in ” too hard basket” category. But, this is just fundamentally wrong and needs to be rectified, projects such as the Equal Pay project are using their power to end the cycle. Thanks Undercoverfeminist for sharing this insightful post!


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