A tribute to Queen Bey.

Dear Beyonce (Sasha Fierce, Yonce, Bey, Queen),

Thank you.

Thank you for everything you’ve done for feminists all over the world.

It took a lot of self-control to not let this blog become a Beyoncé shrine. Let’s be honest, all our posts could be dedicated to a different aspect of Queen Bey, but we would have to make three posts a day for 10 years just to cover half. But seriously, there is a good reason for bringing her into this!

Beyoncé’s recent performance at the VMAs blew us away, and that iconic moment where she stood proudly on stage in front of a massive screen reading “FEMINIST” stirred something up in all of us.

Yes, it was incredible but that was just one (amazing) moment in a career of amazing moments. Beyonce produces music that inspires and encourages girls and women to embrace all aspects of themselves, as well as awakening feminist identity in a younger generation with songs like ‘Run the World’, ‘Me Myself and I’, and ‘Grown Woman’.

Take a look at the Grown Woman video and get ready to feel empowered.

She has established a successful career, making her own business decisions after leaving her father’s management, and has started a family of her own. Of course this is not a checklist of things you need to do to be a feminist, but she has taught us to aspire, make our own decisions and fulfill our dreams, and that’s what it’s all about.

I bow down,

R x



2 thoughts on “A tribute to Queen Bey.

  1. This letter is perfect- Beyonce is not only an empowering icon but a feminist superhero in our eyes! While some people have critiqued her expression of feminism we believe that it is flawless in displaying the ideals of the fourth-wave with her efforts going beyond her VMA 2014 performance. Her self-expression is sexual liberation: allowing women to feel that they are not confined to the accepted social constructs and her other humanitarian proves her influence such as Chime For Change! She proves that modern-day feminism is about choice and balancing these choices as a successful artist, businesswoman, mother and humanitarian she is really running her world and inspiring others to do the same. Her stand for equality inspires us to continue the positive fight- if she were a boy the star along side other women would be equal to their male counterparts in power, education, pay and politics, something that she points out is not the case even in today’s society through her quotes and essay for Shriver’s report. We held back on dedicating out whole blog to Beyonce too don’t worry, but she is just one of the many incredible women using their voice for change. Thanks for paying homage to such a great woman and pointing out other amazing things throughout your blog.


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