Why Disney Princesses are actually feminists.


Disney Princesses often get a bad rep from the feminist end, with their absurdly proportioned bodies and their need of a male saviour. But, if you look close enough, you can find feminism anywhere, even in these unlikely feminist figures.

POCAHONTAS, Pocahontas

If there’s one Disney feminist to rule them all, it’s got to be Pocahontas. What’s great about Pocahontas is that she is no damsel in distress, in fact she openly rejects marrying for convenience even though that is what is expected of her.

ARIEL, The Little Mermaid

Ariel, oh Ariel! Thank you for showing us that a patriarchal hierarchy cannot dictate our choices! You defied the established male authority of your society and pursued love and happiness on your own terms. You showed us how to be determined and independently-thinking women! *Bonus points for reppin the ranga sisters.

BELLE, Beauty and the Beast

Beauty and the Beast? More like beauty and brains! Belle flipped the bird to her little provincial French hometown by burying herself in literature and adventure. While she was expected to passively accept Garston’s proposal of marriage and pumping out like a million babies, she calmly told him where to stick it, and was all the better off for choosing her own unique path. Not to mention, she literally tamed a beast… Dayum girl, you fierce!

MULAN, Mulan

“Did they send me daughters when I asked for sons?” Mulan kicked ass and showed us that it doesn’t make a difference! Taking the undercover feminist thing literally, she went to war disguised as a man and showed us all that it doesn’t matter about physiology, girls and boys should be treated and given the chance to contribute equally. Not to mention that her ‘unlady-like’ characteristics made her a match maker’s nightmare, yet she came out on top!

JASMINE, Aladdin

Princess Jasmine was hungry for independence and bravely defied every restriction that was place on that. Refusing to participate in an arranged marriage, seeking adventure and speaking her mind, Princess Jasmine showed us that others’ expectations do not determine our choices, and that every girl has the right to make her own choices.

By looking past the luscious hair and plump lips and you’ll see ‘A Whole New World’ of misunderstood feminists who have been leading by example for the past 80 years or so.

R x

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One thought on “Why Disney Princesses are actually feminists.

  1. Great read! Such a different way to look at the Disney Princesses we’ve all grown up with. I especially love the perspective on Ariel defying patriarchal control and making her own decisions with her life!!


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